Care Home Haywards Heath

At Hilgay Care Home, we understand the importance of providing high-quality care for our residents. Our carers are always on hand to provide the best possible care. We work hard to ensure that our residents are happy and comfortable. We believe that our care home Haywards Heath is the perfect place for those who need a little extra help and support.

Our care home near Haywards Heath provides a homely environment for our residents. We make them feel comfortable and at ease. We have plenty of activities and social events on offer to keep everyone entertained. Thus, helping to create a sense of community within our care home. Our care home is run by a team of experienced and dedicated carers, who are passionate about providing the best possible care for our residents. To find out more about our care home in Haywards Heath, get in touch today.

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Our Care Home near Haywards Heath

Who Pays for a Care Home?

Care homes can be paid for in three ways. The first is local authority funding, where the local authority pays for all or part of the care. The care seeker’s relatives or friends can then choose to add an additional payment known as a top-up fee. The second way is self-funding; where the care seeker themselves, their family or friend cover care fees. Finally, in certain circumstances, the NHS will pay for care homes costs.

Our Values

At Hilgay Care Home, we have many values to ensure that we offer the best service possible to our residents. Therefore, our values ensure that our staff, equipment and home guarantee residents are fulfilled and comfortable during their stay. We have highlighted a few below.

Dignity and Respect

We believe that it is essential to show our residents dignity and respect in order to preserve their dignity and expression. This is key to wellbeing. Therefore, we take care in our interactions with residents, and always ensure that they are comfortable and happy. Thus to ensure this, we will always involve them and their families in decisions about care. This includes discussing care plans and any changes that may need to be made. Furthermore, we also seek feedback on the care we are providing. We believe that it is essential to ensure that our residents and their families are always happy with the care we provide, as this is what ensures wellbeing.

Honesty & Accountability

At Hilgay Care Home, we are firm believers that honesty is crucial at our care home. We care about the care that we provide and ensure our staff are honest and accountable. This openness is something which all members of the team strive for. Thus, it could even be said that our honesty helps us to remember what really matters in terms of care provision – namely, care itself! Being open means being committed to delivering high quality care to those who need it most. Therefore, this allows us to ensure that residents receive the best care possible and everyone aware of what we do.


Our care home near Haywards Heath is staffed by individuals who understand the importance of customer service and care. Our staff are trained to listen and understand individual needs of each resident. For instance, whether it’s providing companionship, assistance with activities of daily living, or just offering a listening ear, our care team is always happy to help. Our care plans are designed to be person-centred, so that residents can choose how you want to live. Thus, residents and families can choose the level of care and support required. Hence, you can always change your mind if your needs or preferences change. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to live their life in their own way. Therefore, our care team will do everything they can to help our residents achieve this.

To encourage individuality, we provide multiple types of activities and care. Thus, this encourages residents to express themselves and live to the fullest. Our person-centric care ensures that each resident receives our personal touch and is fulfilled during their stay with us.

Value and Appreciating People

People are the heart of our service. We provide care to cater for all kinds of people, and encourage communication at all levels. Therefore, as we are caring for people and working with families, valuing everyone’s views and opinions is absolutely vital for delivering the best care possible.

Additionally, we value our carers’ contributions. We know that happy and caring staff lead to fulfilled and happy residents and families. Our staff are absolutely paramount to providing the personal and comprehensive care we provide. Moreover, we make every effort to ensure that our staff feel valued and therefore take pride in the service they provide. We love to empower our staff and encourage leadership throughout our team. Furthermore, we are always open to learning. Whether this is on a personal level, or even with new technologies, we love to learn. We feel that this only empowers our staff more and ensures they are fulfilled and take care in the service we provide.

Throughout our care home near Haywards Heath, we know that people are the key to providing a service that we are proud of. We believe that this gives peace of mind families that their loved ones will be cared for in the right way.

Creating a Warm and Homely Environment

We are a care HOME. Home is the place that we feel most comfortable. For many of our residents, Hilgay becomes their home, so it is up to us to ensure they are as comfortable and happy as possible. The values we have highlighted above all lead to providing this environment, but there are always ways to make our home more homely.

Our bespoke plans ensure that each resident is fulfilled and content. These plans consider everything, from rooms to trips. Hence, each room will be equipped with the necessary equipment and decorated to feel as homely as possible. We hope this ensures that residents are comfortable in our home and are as happy as possible.

We also plan many trips in Haywards Heath and across Sussex to ensure that residents remain involved in local communities. Our trips are designed to provide stimulation and activity for our residents. It also prevents residents from feeling confined to our home and certainly aids mental health. Furthermore, our activities are designed to stimulate residents and give people things to look forward to.

With these various services, we believe that we can make an environment as enjoyable and homely as possible. We strive to make sure every resident’s stay is as fulfilling and comfortable as possible and believe that these steps help us do this.

At our care home near Haywards Heath, we make every effort possible to make each stay as fulfilling as it can be. If you would like to learn more about our values and services, explore our website. Alternatively, feel free to contact us today to talk to our carers and decide if our care home is right for you.