A heartfelt visit from St. Catherine’s Hospice: Connecting communities with Hilgay care home residents

Wayne and Hilgay care home residents

At Hilgay Care Home, we recently had the pleasure of hosting a heartwarming visit for the care home residents from Wayne Stepney, Head of Site Services at St. Catherine’s Hospice. It was an enlightening experience that not only brought our community closer but also shed light on the incredible work done by the hospice.

Understanding St. Catherine’s Hospice

Wayne’s visit allowed us to go into various aspects of St. Catherine’s Hospice’s operations, giving us a better understanding of the services, it provides. We engaged in conversations about vital topics such as catering, housekeeping, reception services, facilities management, well-being support, and the essential clinical care that forms the backbone of their vision of a world where everyone can face death informed, supported and pain-free.

waynes visit for care home residents

The impact of outstanding end-of-life care: Strengthening our local community for care home residents

One of the most heartening discussions we had revolved around the hospice itself. The care home residents learned about the inviting and caring atmosphere it offers to its visitors and patients. Wayne passionately conveyed how St. Catherine’s Hospice makes a significant difference in the lives of local people, especially by providing outstanding end-of-life care. It was inspiring to hear about the hospice’s commitment to enhancing the quality of life during these challenging times.

Supporting a vital cause: Understanding the financial aspect of the hospice

A particularly enlightening aspect of our conversation was about the financial aspect of the hospice’s work. Wayne shared with us that the hospice is a charity and needs to fundraise approximately 7.5 million each year to sustain its operations and maintain the high standard of care they are known for. This revelation underscored the importance of community support in ensuring that such invaluable services continue to be accessible to those in need.

Recognising the role of volunteers: A testament to community spirit

We also discussed the pivotal role played by volunteers within the organisation. Wayne emphasised the incredible impact of volunteer contributions in providing comfort, companionship, and support to patients and their families. It was evident that the hospice’s work would not be possible without the dedication of these selfless individuals.

Visualising the care: Insights from Wayne and his images

Wayne’s visit was not just limited to words, he also shared images of their current hospice, giving us a visual glimpse into how they operate. These images provided a vivid understanding of the environment and the compassionate care provided to patients.

A glimpse into the future: The new Pease Pottage hospice

Perhaps one of the most exciting moments of our interaction was Wayne’s presentation on their upcoming project – a new hospice located in Pease Pottage. Scheduled to open in December, this modern 24-bed unit is a much-needed expansion. The reasons for this move were compelling: the current site had outgrown its capacity, allowing them to provide care to only one in three local people. The existing building, standing for 40 years, was no longer sufficient to meet the growing demands of the community.

Creating community spaces: The café and community hub

The new building, Wayne explained, would offer 24 beds, each equipped with ensuite facilities and private gardens for patients and their families. The prospect of such an improved facility was truly heartening, as it highlighted the commitment of the hospice to provide the best possible care for our community. Our conversation also revolved around the new café and community hub next to the new hospice, which is already open. Wayne shared how these facilities, along with the hospice’s 14 charity shops, played a crucial role in raising funds to support their work within the community.

Personal connections and impressions: The residents’ perspective

The care home residents were deeply engaged in the discussion, and many of the residents had personal experiences with loved ones receiving care from the hospice. These experiences added a personal touch to our conversation and highlighted the genuine impact of their work. The residents asked questions, shared stories, and were all highly impressed by the images and plans for the new hospice.

Wayne’s perspective: Warmth and connection

Wayne’s perspective on the visit was equally heartening. He mentioned feeling genuinely welcomed by the care home residents and the care home team. He expressed his gratitude to Sam for her regular communication prior to the event, and he couldn’t help but praise her for making an excellent cup of tea. Wayne found the experience incredibly rewarding and expressed his desire to stay in contact with us. He even agreed to drop off newsletters for us to read, fostering an ongoing connection between our organisations.

Community connections: Sharing outstanding work with the care home residents.

For the hospice, the local community holds great importance, and visits like this one allow them to share their outstanding work and strengthen their bonds with those they serve. The care home residents were grateful for the opportunity to connect with the hospice and learn more about the incredible work they do within our community.

We want to say a big thank you to Wayne Stepney and the hospice for caring so much about our care home residents. Their visit was a great reminder that kindness, care, and shared moments can make anyone’s day better, no matter what they’re going through. Our residents are thankful for Wayne’s visit and the happy memories they made together.

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Article: Phoenix Marketing