Care Home Activities for Rainy Days

Rainy days can be a challenge for care homes and their residents. With outdoor activities off the table, it’s important to come up with creative indoor activities to keep elderly residents engaged and entertained. We’ve compiled a list of care home activities that you can use on those stormy days when everyone is stuck inside. From board games to arts and crafts, there are plenty of fun care home activities that residents can enjoy.

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The Best Care Home Activities for Rainy Days!

Board Games

One classic care home activity is playing board games! There are many traditional games like chess, checkers, dominoes, and more that require little setup or materials. Other modern favourites like Scrabble, Monopoly, and Jenga can also provide hours of entertainment. These care home activities can help residents keep their minds sharp and have a bit of friendly competition with each other. Playing a board game together is a great way to bring everyone together and make rainy days more enjoyable!

Arts and Crafts

Another care home activity that’s easy to set up is arts and crafts. Residents can get creative by making art projects such as origami, paper sculptures, and more. You can also find various craft kits at most stores that come with all the materials needed to make unique items. Arts and crafts care home activities are a fun way for residents to express themselves while keeping everyone’s minds occupied during a stormy day.

Movies and TV Shows

When it’s raining outside, movies and TV shows can provide care home residents with some much-needed entertainment! You can create an outdoor movie theatre by setting up a projector on one wall or even just watch something on the television. There are plenty of classic films that everyone enjoys, or you can let the care home residents choose what they want to watch. This care home activity is a great way for everyone to relax and have some fun together!


Just because it’s raining outside doesn’t mean care home activities have to be all about passive entertainment. Exercises like yoga, stretching, and more can help care home residents stay active and healthy even on rainy days. You can use videos from YouTube or other streaming services as a guide during your care home activity sessions. This will encourage your residents to keep moving while having some fun indoors!

Cooking Sessions

Cooking is always a hit with elderly residents! Residents can learn how to make simple yet delicious recipes like pasta, cookies, and other easy dishes. You can also have special baking activities where everyone gets a chance to decorate cakes or cupcakes with frosting and sprinkles. Cooking will help residents stay engaged while learning some new cooking skills along the way!


Storytelling activities are great for rainy days when everyone is stuck inside. Gather around in a circle and let each care home resident take turns telling their stories about the past. From childhood memories to life lessons, stories allow elderly residents to share their experiences and learn more about each other’s lives. It’s an entertaining care home activity that is sure to bring everyone closer together!

Visits from Loved Ones

Care home activities don’t have to be confined to the care home itself. Invite family members and friends of care home residents to visit them while it’s raining outside. This is a great way to lift the spirits of care home residents. This is because it gives them a chance to catch up with their loved ones. Visits from family and friends on rainy days can make it feel like the care home is full of life, even when everyone’s stuck inside!


Whether you invite a musician or have everyone join in, music and singing are great ways to spend time on a rainy day.  This care home activity allows care home residents to express themselves and make some joyful noise while they’re stuck inside. Singing can be a great way to share laughter and lift everyone’s spirits on a dreary day!

The Benefits of Care Home Activities

Activities in care homes are crucial for the well-being of residents. Research has shown that keeping busy can improve quality of life. This has both physical and mental benefits to residents, and helps to keep staff morale high.

Physical Benefits

When it comes to physical benefits, care home activities provide a great way to be active without having to leave the home itself. This is especially important for those who may be unable to participate outdoors. Taking part in care home activities can benefit physical health in many ways, such as helping maintain mobility, strength, balance and coordination. Additionally, being involved in care home activities keeps people socially engaged which can lead to improved social skills like communication and cooperation.

Mental Benefits

In addition to physical benefits, care home activities can also help improve mental health. Studies have found that care home activities can reduce stress, anxiety and depression levels in care home residents. Engaging in things such as arts and crafts, gardening and music can also stimulate the mind and help care home residents stay sharp mentally. Additionally, participating in care home activities may even lead to improved memory and cognitive functioning.

Care Home Atmosphere

Care home activities also have a positive effect on the atmosphere and community spirit. They foster socialisation between residents which helps keep spirits high and creates an overall happy environment for everyone involved. Care home staff also benefit as they provide an opportunity to interact with residents and get to know them better.

In conclusion, care home activities are beneficial for both residents and staff. They provide physical and mental benefits as well as help create a happier atmosphere. Therefore, care homes must have a variety of engaging activities available so that residents can stay active and engaged in their environment.

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