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Hilgay Care Home is a care home near East Grinstead, renowned for its high-quality care and compassionate staff. Located in the heart of Burgess Hill, Hilgay Care Home offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere and provides care to those who are elderly, disabled or suffering from dementia. The care and support provided by this care home is truly special. This makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking for care and accommodation for themselves or a loved one.

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Our Care Home near East Grinstead

Qualified and Caring Carers

At Hilgay Care Home East Grinstead, care is provided by a team of qualified carers who are passionate about providing the best care and support for residents. Every carer has completed rigorous training. This is regularly updated to ensure that all carers are up-to-date with the latest care practices. Each carer has a genuine interest in each resident and takes time to get to know them personality. All carers have an understanding of dementia and its effects on individuals. This enables them to provide compassionate care tailored to each individual’s needs.

A Comfortable Environment

The environment at Hilgay Care Home East Grinstead is comfortable and relaxing, designed to make it feel like home for all residents. The spacious rooms come with en-suite bathrooms, while the communal areas are bright and airy with plenty of activities to keep residents occupied. There is also a variety of outdoor spaces, such as patios, gardens and seating areas, where residents can enjoy spending time in the fresh air.

Excellent Facilities

Hilgay Care Home near East Grinstead offers an extensive range of care facilities and services. This includes physiotherapy and occupational therapy, specialist care for those suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, laundry services, catering services and more. This care home also provides tailored care plans to ensure that each resident receives the care they need.

Compassionate End-of-Life Care

The care provided at Hilgay Care Home near East Grinstead extends beyond day-to-day care. End-of-life care is provided to ensure that residents can spend their last days with the care, comfort and dignity they deserve. This includes providing emotional support for those approaching end of life, as well as medical care if needed.

Residential Care – Care Home East Grinstead

Hilgay Care Home provides care on a residential basis, with care packages tailored to meet each individual’s needs and preferences. We know that Hilgay becomes our residents home. So, we believe that it is incredibly important to ensure they feel comfortable and at home. 

Respite Care

For those that require a break, Hilgay Care Home also offers respite care. Respite care provides temporary care for those that need it. This allows family and friends to take a break or to provide additional care at home.

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It is easy to see why Hilgay Care Home is so special; our dedication to providing excellent care and creating a comfortable environment ensures that every resident receives the care they need in a supportive and compassionate setting. The combination of qualified carers, comfortable living spaces, excellent facilities and end-of-life care makes Hilgay Care Home the ideal choice for anyone looking for care home near East Grinstead.

If you would like to see for yourself, what sets us apart from any other care home in East Grinstead, explore our website or contact us on 01444 244756 or info@hilgaycarehome.co.uk. We would love to show you around and let you experience our home first-hand.

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