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Are you searching for a care home Hurstpierpoint and the surrounding area? Hilgay Care Home is a care home located in Burgess Hill, West Sussex. It provides care for elderly residents and offers many services to ensure that their stay is comfortable and enjoyable. The care home has been providing quality care for more than 15 years and has earned the trust of its customers through its professional approach, cosy atmosphere, and high standards of care. Hilgay Care Home stands out amongst any other care home in Hurstpierpoint and others in the area due to its excellent service and commitment to making sure all its residents feel at ease while being looked after by dedicated staff members.

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Our Care Home near Hurstpierpoint

Care Home Activities

Hilgay Care Home has a wide range of activities for its care home residents. It is important to ensure that care home residents have plenty of entertainment and engagement, so Hilgay Care Home has created an activity schedule for care home residents. The care provider offers activities such as exercise classes, art therapy, music classes, horticultural therapy and computer lessons.

These activities are designed to keep care home residents engaged and entertained while also providing them with the opportunity to learn new skills. Additionally, these activities allow care home staff members to get to know their care home residents better. This helps care providers create a relaxed atmosphere in the care home. Furthermore, it helps us foster meaningful relationships between staff members and care recipients.

Nutritional Meals

At Hilgay Care Home, care home residents are guaranteed to be provided with nutritious and tasty meals. The care home has a team of chefs who prepare delicious meals for care home residents three times a day. Each meal is designed to meet the care recipients’ dietary requirements and ensure that they are receiving the nutrients they need.

Our staff go above and beyond by offering special menus on holidays or other events such as birthdays when care home residents can enjoy unique dishes. Additionally, staff members at the care home help care recipients pick out healthy snacks throughout the day. This ensures that residents can stay energised and have something to look forward to.

Compassionate Staff Members

Hilgay Care Home is well-known for its compassionate and dedicated care staff members. All care home staff members go through a rigorous training process. This ensures that they are qualified and knowledgeable about care home care services. Additionally, all care providers are certified in first aid and CPR as well as other safety protocols.

We have experienced professionals who have a kind and caring nature. So, care recipients can be sure that they will always get the best attention and care from their care givers. The staff at Hilgay Care Home understand the importance of providing quality care to elderly residents, so they strive to make every care recipient feel both safe and at ease while receiving care services.

Palliative Care

Hilgay Care Home offers care services for care recipients who are living with a terminal illness. We understand that care home residents may require a different type of care during this time. So, we have developed a palliative care programme that is designed to provide supportive care to those who need it the most.

The care providers at the care home are trained to understand what care recipients need. We strive to make them feel comfortable while providing emotional and physical support when necessary. Additionally, staff members also work closely with family members of care recipients to ensure that everyone involved in the process is receiving the best possible care.

What is a Care Plan?

A care plan covers exactly what care and support you need. It outlines your care goals, lists your assessed needs, highlights which needs your local council will meet and provides information on preventing, reducing or delaying your future needs for social care. Your personal budget figures and payment details will also be included.

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For those searching for a quality care home in Hurstpierpoint and the surrounding area, Hilgay Care Home is a perfect choice. We strive to provide care recipients with compassionate care and a supportive atmosphere. If you would like more information about our care home or residential and respite care services, please feel free to contact us today at or 01444 244756. A care provider will be happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding the care we offer at Hilgay Care Home.

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