The Mid Sussex Brass Band Live Music Performances – showcasing live music in care homes

The Mid-Sussex Brass Band has been visiting Hilgay Care Home regularly in recent times, bringing live music to residents and providing an emotional uplift. The band’s live music visits have proven immensely popular with the care home staff, residents and their families alike. This article will look at what live music in care homes can do for those who live there. We will also discuss how MSBB’s regular visits to Hilgay are making a difference.

Mid Sussex Brass Band Logo- showcasing live music in care homes article for Hilgay Care Home
Thank You to The Mid Sussex Brass Band for Visiting Our Care Home

Who are The Mid Sussex Brass Band?

“The Mid Sussex Brass Band was formed in May 1986 following the amalgamation of the Haywards Heath Town Band and the Burgess Hill Brass Band. This move was necessitated by dwindling numbers of personnel in both bands and enabled the creation of a stronger band that could continue to maintain the busy programme of engagements and competitions that both bands had undertaken in the past.”

However, the origins of the Mid Sussex Brass Band, date back to the 19th Century.

“In the late 1800s, George Hilton, furniture store manager and a member of the Brotherhood Chapel (later to become the Methodist Church) in Haywards Heath, gathered a group of reed and brass musicians and called it the ‘Brotherhood Band’. The band practised behind the chapel and was financed by Mr Hilton, who purchased both instruments and uniforms. The group disbanded at the outbreak of the First World War, but was reformed in 1922 without the reed section, as the Haywards Heath Town Prize Silver Band.”

Over the years, the band has taken various forms, but found stability in the 1970s, setting the foundation for what it has become today. The band play multiple times a year, across Sussex and the South of England, they can “frequently be heard playing at fetes and other events, and also at bandstands in Horsham and Eastbourne. In its home town, the band plays twice-yearly concerts in the Martletts Hall, Burgess Hill, one as a part of the Burgess Hill Festival, the other a Christmas concert; it also leads the Burgess Hill Remembrance Day Parade.”

We are very lucky to have welcomed them to our care home on multiple occasions. Our residents and staff look forward to every performance.

The Benefits of Live Music in Care Homes

Our activities coordinator, Sam is very thankful to the Mid Sussex Brass Band – “Music is a powerful form of communication, especially for those living with dementia. The live music brightens up the day, puts smiles on faces. Furthermore, it helps to keep people connected in an environment that can be isolating”.

Live music in care homes has been proven to help bring about some incredible outcomes for residents. Research shows live music can reduce anxiety, boost memory recall and even improve physical health.

The benefits of live music don’t stop there though. It creates a sense of community, encourages social interaction, brings people together with shared memories from past experiences and creates moments of joy and happiness in an otherwise monotonous day-to-day routine.

Music is not just a form of entertainment. It is a powerful tool that can be used to bring comfort and encourage conversation among those living with dementia. It reduces agitation levels, helps build trust between carers and their patients. Furthermore, it provides mental stimulation which can have positive effects on cognition.

The Mid-Sussex Brass Band’s visits to Hilgay Care Home – showcasing live music in care homes

Since MSBB started bringing live music to Hilgay, the impact on residents has been clear from the offset. Live music brings a sense of liveliness and joy into the home. Furthermore, it creates an atmosphere that is both inviting and uplifting. It encourages participation in activities with staff also joining in by singing along, adding to the liveliness of the event.

Residents take great pleasure in being able to sit back and listen to some nostalgic tunes. Many can be seen tapping their feet or clapping along happily throughout each performance.

The performances of live music in care homes have helped the moods of residents and brings smiles to their faces. Something that every care home strives for.

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At Hilgay Care Home, live music is one of the many activities we provide to our residents. We are committed to providing quality care for all of our residents. Live music performances from The Mid-Sussex Brass Band have been a great addition to our home. If you would like to learn more about our musical performances, explore our website and check out our blog page.

If you would like more information about live music in care homes or the residential and respite services we offer at Hilgay Care Home, then please contact us today at or 01444 244756. Our friendly team look forward to hearing from you soon.

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