Discussing Mental Health in Care Homes

Preserving mental health in care homes is incredibly important to ensure the comfort and happiness of our residents and the satisfaction of their families. Mental health cannot be ignored, regardless of our age and situation, we must care for it. People’s mental health care decline in care homes, so it’s even more important to consider the health of those around us.

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Monitoring Mental Health in Care Homes

What Can Affect Mental Health in Care Homes?

Loneliness and Isolation

This can be a very common problem for mental health in care homes. A lot of the time, residents can feel lonely because of isolation from the outside world and their loved ones. This is why we do our best to create a supportive and friendly environment at Hilgay Care Home. We also have regular activities and events to help residents socialise and feel more connected to the community.


As we age, the passing of loved ones becomes something that we have to deal with. Bereavement can be extremely difficult to deal with, especially for elderly people who may have lost many friends and loved ones. At Hilgay Care Home, we understand how hard this can be. We offer support and counselling to help residents through this tough time. Furthermore, we encourage the development of new friendships between residents.

Physical Health Problems

As we age, physical health problems can start to affect our mental health. This is because chronic pain or illness can make us feel fatigued and low in energy. This can effect our mental health by  making us withdrawn and depressed. Hilgay Care Home offers high-quality care to help residents with physical health problems. We can provide the support and assistance needed to help improve quality of life.

Changes in Environment

For some people, moving into a care home can be a big change. This is because they may have to leave their home and community. This can be hard to adjust to and can sometimes lead to feelings of sadness, loneliness and anxiety. At Hilgay Care Home, we try to make the transition as smooth as possible. We also provide support and counselling to help residents adjust to their new environment. Furthermore, we organise regular inclusive events to encourage socialisation and bonding. However, we know that not everyone is comfortable with this, so allow our residents to choose what they do.

The COVID-19 Pandemic

Whilst we have mostly overcome this, the pandemic can cause people to experience a lot of anxiety.  This is because of the fear of contracting the virus and the restrictions that have been put in place. At Hilgay Care Home, we have taken all the necessary precautions to protect our residents from the virus. We have also implemented regular mental health check-ins to ensure that everyone is coping okay. If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to support you through this tough time.

What Can Be Done To Preserve Mental Health in Care Homes?

At Hilgay Care Home, we believe that mental health is just as important as physical health. This is why we offer a range of services to help preserve mental health in care homes. We have highlighted how we do this below.

Regular activities and events

We believe that socialisation is key to preserving mental health in care homes. This is why we have regular activities and events for residents to enjoy. These activities help residents stay active and engaged, preventing boredom and isolation. At Hilgay Care Home, we organise regular events to be enjoyed by all of our residents. Whether its arts and crafts, a musical performance or a trip to the local town, we ensure that our activities encourage stimulation and socialisation to help residents combat mental health issues such as loneliness and depression.

Creating a supportive and friendly environment

This can help residents feel more connected to the community and reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation. We believe that creating a welcoming environment is very important as moving to a care home can be daunting and intimidating. Ultimately, Hilgay is our residents’ home and they must feel comfortable. Therefore, we have created an environment that encourages residents to express themselves and live comfortably.

Regular mental health check-ins

Whilst we can spot most signs of mental health issues, it is sometimes best to leave it to the professionals. So, we organise regular mental-health check-ins with our residents and staff to ensure that everyone is okay. This also offers an opportunity for residents to openly discuss any issues they may be having. We understand that mental health problems can be very difficult to talk about, but we hope that our supportive environment will encourage residents to do so.

Communication with families

We know that whilst residents are away from their families, they should not lose contact. This is why we encourage communication with families. We understand that this can be difficult, so we offer a range of services to help facilitate this. From video calls to physical letters, we make sure that residents have regular contact with their loved ones. Furthermore, we regularly welcome families to visit their loved ones and to spend time with them. This is the best way to maintain bonds and preserve mental health in care homes.

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