Key Differences Between Care Homes Burgess Hill and Nursing Homes

When searching for care for elderly loved ones, many people find themselves faced with nursing or residential care homes. Many people may not think there is a difference, however there are some key distinctions between a nursing and residential care homes Burgess Hill.

A ‘care home’ is a general term that is often used interchangeably to describe both forms of home. This can understandably be confusing.

The primary difference is that nursing homes tend to have a qualified nurse on-site 24/7. However, there are a few other differences that certainly require considering. You may not know what type of care is best for your loved one when searching for nursing or residential care homes in Burgess Hill. So, Hilgay Care Home have developed this guide to help you decide which suits you.

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The Differences Between Care and Nursing Homes

Residential Care Homes in Burgess Hill

A residential care home is ultimately designed to be a home from home.

Residential care homes provide a safe and comfortable place for people who need help with daily tasks, but do not necessarily require nursing care. A Residential care home tends to be smaller to ensure the comfort of the residents. They offer around-the-clock personal care and support, as well as a number of amenities and services to make life easier. This form of care can be on a long or short-term basis depending on the resident.

Yes, some residential care homes in Burgess Hill can cater for some nursing needs with visiting healthcare professionals. However, they are generally for older adults who are unable to live independently, supporting them with tasks such as washing, medication, mobility and more. It is likely that residents will still require some nursing care, hence residential care homes in Burgess Hill will have some capacity to cater towards these needs, however they mostly welcome those who do not require this level of care.

Staff at Residential Care Homes

Residential care home staff are trained to provide everyday support needs such as administering medication, but are not necessarily qualified to provide medial care. This is why residential care homes are perfect for those who need a little help with their daily routine, but do not require constant nursing care. The staff at residential care homes focus more on supporting residents and providing companionship to meet the needs of those staying with them. This can be extremely beneficial for older adults who may feel isolated or lonely, as it gives them the chance to socialise and build relationships with others in a similar situation.

Additionally, many of the staff in residential care homes are trained to provide activities for residents. This can be anything from arts and crafts to bingo, helping to keep people engaged and stimulated both mentally and physically.

As highlighted prior, a residential care home is designed to be a home from home for residents. Hence, it focuses more on making residents comfortable and supporting them in living their lives as normally as possible.

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Nursing Homes

Nursing homes also offer a place for people with various medical conditions to receive regular treatment from registered nurses. At care homes, there tend to be qualified nurses on site 24/7 to provide the necessary care.

Nursing homes tend to provide an increased level of care that a residential care home as it addresses both nursing and residential requirements. Hence, the price is somewhat higher as there is an increased cost for staff and the necessary facilities. However, for some, the NHS can support the payment for nursing home fees. When searching for a nursing home, be sure to discuss every possibility with healthcare professionals.

Some nursing homes specialise in specific conditions. This could consist of anything from learning disabilities, cancer, brain trauma or multiple other conditions. Therefore, it is important to consider the type of nursing care provided when searching for a nursing home for your loved one.

Staff at Nursing Homes

There tend to be more members of staff at a nursing home. The staff consist of carers, who much like residential care homes, assist with the daily requirements of residents to support them with living.

Additionally, there are also trained nurses on hand. These members of staff specialise in the medical requirements of residents to ensure that their health is maintained.

It is possible that there will also be specialist nurses at nursing homes. This Depends on the level of care provided. Nursing homes will have permanent or visiting specialist nurses who can provide care for particular conditions.

Depending on requirements you are searching for, it is important to consider the staff at the home. Particularly, how they can support you or your loved one.

Hilgay Care Home in Burgess Hill

When searching for nursing homes or residential care homes in Burgess Hill, it is important to know the key differences. We hope this article has aided you in understanding the key differences. But importantly, helps you to decide on the type of care that you or a loved one requires.

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