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If you’re searching for care homes in Burgess Hill, look no further than Hilgay Care Home. Located in the heart of Burgess Hill, Hilgay Care Home provides care and support for those requiring the highest levels of care. From professional care staff to impressive facilities and activities, Hilgay is special in many ways. In this article, we’ll explore what makes Hilgay so unique and how it stands out from other care homes in Burgess Hill.

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Care Homes in Burgess Hill

Experienced and Caring Workforce

The team at Hilgay are highly experienced professionals with a wealth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to caring for those who require extra attention and care. The staff have a commitment to providing an excellent quality service that meets each individual’s needs. Our carers form close, professional and personal relationships with the residents. This is very important as we believe that our residents become part of the family, which allows us to give the best care possible. All our care plans can be tailored according to the individual’s care needs and preferences. Our staff are some of the best you’ll find in care homes in Burgess Hill.

Communication with Families

At Hilgay, we understand that it’s important to keep families informed of the care and support their loved ones are receiving. We provide regular communication with families to help them feel reassured and connected with their loved one’s care. Through our family care programs, carers can meet with families to discuss care plans, goals for the resident and any changes or developments in care needs. This ensures that everyone’s needs are met and that the resident’s comfort is at the forefront of our priorities. Furthermore, it ensures that residents and their families remain connected, even if they are apart. Family is very important to care homes in Burgess Hill, particularly here at Hilgay.

Palliative and End-of-Life Care

Hilgay offers specialised care and support for those receiving end-of-life care or palliative care. Our carers are experienced in providing the right care and support to ensure that residents can experience a comfortable and dignified transition, should this be necessary. We understand how difficult these times can be for families, so we provide additional care, comfort and emotional support for everyone involved. We offer some of the most attentive palliative care you will find in care homes in Burgess Hill.

Activities and Socialising Opportunities

Every day is different at Hilgay Care Home. We provide a range of activities and socialising opportunities for our residents to ensure that they remain engaged and active. We offer a variety of activities, both physical and mental, to keep our residents stimulated and entertained throughout the day. From movie nights to arts & crafts sessions and exercise classes, there’s something for everyone.

Keeping busy is particularly important for care home residents, as it helps maintain their physical and mental well-being. Socialising with carers and other residents also provides companionship and connection. This can be invaluable to those living in care homes.

Furthermore, we make a concerted effort to celebrate important days such as birthdays. We also have regular visits from local entertainment, such as musicians and other performers, which provides a great way to lift everyone’s spirits.

Nutritional Meals

At Hilgay Care Home, we understand the important role that nutrition plays in care. We provide nutritious, healthy meals every day to ensure our residents are getting all the nutrients they need. Our carers create bespoke care plans for each resident to make sure their dietary needs and preferences are being met. Each resident’s care plan includes their dietary requirements so that we can ensure that everyone gets a tasty and healthy meal three times a day!

What is Intermediate Care? How Long Can I Stay in a Care Home for Free?

Intermediate Care is a temporary care service provided by the NHS. You can receive Intermediate Care for up to six weeks, either at home, in a care home, or in hospital. If you need further support after the six weeks is up, you will be given a care plan, but you may have to cover the costs yourself.

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Overall, Hilgay Care Home is a special place that offers care, support and comfort to all who stay there. We believe that our care staff’s compassion, experience and expertise make us one of the best care homes in Burgess Hill. Our commitment to providing the highest quality care ensures that every resident enjoys a safe and comfortable experience when staying at Hilgay Care Home. So, if you’re searching for care homes in Burgess Hill, please consider Hilgay.

If you would like to enquire about our residential or respite services, then contact us today at 01444 244756 or We would love to hear from you and invite you to take a look around.

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