Holy Communion Services, The Salvation Army and IBTI coming to care homes in sussex

For many of our residents, faith is an important part of life. So, we regularly organise opportunities for our residents to practice their faith by welcoming visits from various organisations that visit care homes in Sussex. Read on to find out more.

holy communion service at care homes in sussex
Holy Communion service at Hilgay Care Home

Holy Communion

On the third Tuesday of every month, we host our monthly Holy Communion service. The service provides our residents with the opportunity to connect with their faith and with others in the home. The residents that take part in our Holy Communion service love it, as it allows them to practice their faith and join together in prayer.

Sam, our activities coordinator commented: “Our care home is all about providing a positive and meaningful experience for our residents. Having an opportunity to practice their faith and religion is incredibly important for many of them, so we are delighted to be able to offer this service.”

The Salvation Army in care homes in sussex

On every third Sunday of the month, we are lucky enough to be visited by the Salvation Army, who provide our residents with a wonderful singing session. Our care home hall is filled with laughter and song, as the Salvation Army perform old favourites that everyone can join in with. We love music at Hilgay Care Home as not only does it bring excitement, but our residents experience many mental health benefits as a result. It truly is special when the Salvation Army come to visit.

The Salvation Army also bring inspiring stories and sermons for those wishing to take part. Sam commented: “Our care home comes alive during these visits from the Salvation Army! Everyone loves coming together to sing and listen to their inspiring messages.”

International Bible Training College (IBTI)

On Tuesday the 14th of February, we were very excited to welcome the IBTI to Hilgay Care Home. The IBTI visit every Tuesday to discuss bible stories and provide our care home with a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the bible. Each care home visit is adapted to meet the needs of our residents so that everyone can participate regardless of their background or faith. Additionally, they even performed a few songs for our residents to enjoy. The residents that took part loved meeting representatives from the IBTI, we hope to welcome them back again soon.

Our care home manager commented: “Visits from external organisations like the IBTI are incredibly important for our care home. They bring an exciting and inspiring atmosphere that all the residents thoroughly enjoy.”

Practising Faith in Care Homes

Like many care homes in Sussex, we understand the importance of empowering residents to practice their faith.  It is our mission to provide care and support that celebrates each individual’s beliefs – allowing them to practice their faith in a safe and secure environment while also encouraging spiritual well-being.

At Hilgay, we strive to create an atmosphere of care, respect, and understanding. We do this by providing meaningful activities for residents such as weekly religious services and prayer groups. We also ensure that there are enough trained staff on duty at all times who are familiar with different faiths. This allows them to assist with any special requirements the resident may have in terms of following their faith.

At Hilgay, we welcome residents of any faith or none, and we foster a culture of understanding, respect, and acceptance. We understand that each resident is unique. So, we strive to create an environment where everyone can practise their beliefs without fear of discrimination or judgement.

To ensure that faith is easily accessible for everyone in our care home, we have established relationships with local churches and places of worship. We arrange regular spiritual services such as sermons, bible studies, meditation sessions, religious holidays celebrations etc. This allows us to provide supportive care for those who wish to continue practising their faith.

We also accept visitors of different faiths into our care homes – we understand how important it is for residents to maintain connections with family members and friends who share their faith and beliefs.

At Hilgay care home, we are dedicated to providing care that celebrates and respects everyone’s religious beliefs – helping residents to practise their faith with dignity and respect. We believe that this environment of care is essential for promoting spiritual well-being and happiness in care homes in Sussex.

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If you would like to learn more about our residential and respite services at Hilgay Care Home and what sets us apart from care homes in Sussex, then please contact us today at 01444 244756 or info@hilgaycarehome.co.uk. We would love to hear from you.

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