St. Andrew’s Easter Service at Hilgay

On 5th April, on the build-up to Easter Sunday, St. Andrew’s Church will be visiting the Hilgay Care Home to provide a special Easter Service to the residents. The Easter service will include traditional Easter hymns and readings to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. All staff and visitors are encouraged to join in with singing or just listen along as they enjoy a unique Easter experience.

The Easter Service at Hilgay Care Home is an opportunity for families to come together. We celebrate Easter in a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by friends and family members. Residents of the care home will be able to enjoy listening to readings and sing Easter hymns alongside their guests.

elderly people smiling with the sun shining
What to Know Ahead of our Easter Service

The Service

We are very lucky to be welcoming St. Andrew’s Church to our care home for this very special Easter service. Sam our activities coordinator, is particularly looking forward to it. “It’s such a great opportunity to share Easter with our residents and their families in a spiritual setting. Easter means so much to all of us, it’s lovely to be able to celebrate together.”

The nursing home ministry coordinator at St Andrew’s Burgess Hill said: ‘The nursing homes ministry team at St Andrew’s was set up to share God’s love with our elderly friends who are no longer able to get to church. The volunteer team members visit Hilgay, as well as several other local homes, at Easter, Harvest Festival and Christmas. We are always made to feel very welcome. We share a short service together, then chat with the residents. Together we enjoy singing many of the old, traditional hymns which the residents know so well from earlier days, as well as a few more modern songs. 

For many Christians, including those in the team, communal worship is such an important part of our faith. It is a delight and a privilege to bring to the residents the opportunity to take part in sung praise, which for many of them was a feature of their lives in years gone by. Another very important aspect of our service is to remind or share with residents about the hope we all have in Jesus Christ, to live a life of eternity with Him in heaven. This can be a source of great comfort and joy to care home residents.’

Why is the Easter Service Important?

Allowing individuals, the space to practice their religion or faith in a care home promotes dignity because it allows them autonomy over how they express their belief system. It’s important to recognise that faith and religion are highly personal subjects. For some people, it can be an integral part of their identity. The opportunity to practice their faith or religion helps elderly residents maintain their sense of dignity in a care home. It provides them with a sense of control over one aspect of their life.

Allowing elderly residents to practice their faith can bring them joy and comfort during what may be difficult times in their lives. There is often evidence that being involved in religious activities can help individuals cope with loneliness, depression, and anxiety. These are common issues faced by many elderly citizens living in care homes. Faith also provides a source of companionship as residents can come together in a communal setting. They can share the experiences that their faith or religion brings them.

How Hilgay Care Home Helps Residents Practice Their Faith


First and foremost, we adopt an inclusive policy at Hilgay Care Home which allows all faiths and religions to be practised without discrimination. We also provide residents with the opportunity to attend religious services, celebrations, and other spiritual activities regularly. For example, some of our recent activities have included visits from local groups and celebrations of holidays.


In addition, we strive to create a spiritual environment that is supportive and respectful of each resident’s faith. We provide resources such as prayer books, bibles, and other religious texts so that residents can practice their religion privately in the comfort of their own rooms. We also offer activities such as spiritual meditation sessions. These allow our elderly residents to connect with themselves and others on a deeper level.


A vital part of living in harmony with those around us is understanding the beliefs of others. To this end, we strive to provide educational opportunities for our residents. This allows them to learn about each other’s faiths and develop a culture of tolerance and respect within the home. We are committed to having an open dialogue with our residents in order to ensure their dignity is upheld at all times. Furthermore, we ensure that our staff are adequately trained in understanding and responding to the diverse needs of our residents.

Contact Us

We are delighted to be hosting Easter Service this Easter. We can’t wait to celebrate Easter with our residents and their families. If you would like to attend or have any questions about our residential and respite care at Hilgay Care Home, then please contact us at or 01444 244756. We wish you a Happy Easter, filled with love and joy.