Why are CQC Care Home Visits Important?

One way in which the government ensure that care homes are up to standard is through Care Quality Commission (CQC) care home visits. CQC care home visits are conducted to assess several aspects of a care home, from the facilities, to the staff and their actions.

CQC care home visits are very important in ensuring the level of care in the UK is high and strives to provide high quality care for all. Every care home is assessed by the CQC and should present their report on their website.

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Why CQC Home Visits are Important

What Do CQC Care Home Visits Assess?

The CQC is an important body when it comes to the regulation of care homes. They carry out regular visits to assess whether care homes are meeting the fundamental standards of quality and safety. The CQC also publishes their findings, which includes performance ratings, so that people can make informed choices about the care homes.

CQC care home visits are often done on short-notice (48 hours in advance). This is intended to give care homes little notice so that they can acquire an accurate representation of the home. CQC inspectors will generally look at all aspects of care, from the environment to the quality of care being provided.

Five Key Factors

CQC care home visits assess five key factors:

Is the Service Safe? – This considers factors such as whether staff are trained and effective in safeguarding residents from abuse, whether medication is being managed safely, and if there are any safety risks in the environment.

Is the Service Effective? – This looks at whether care plans are person-centred and meet residents’ needs, whether staff have the necessary skills and knowledge to provide good quality care.

Is the Service Caring? – This considers whether staff treat residents with kindness, compassion, and respect. It also looks at whether residents feel able to express their views and have them listened to.

Is the Service Responsive? – This looks at whether care homes are responsive to residents’ needs, whether complaints are dealt with effectively, and whether staff work well together to provide a high level of care.

Is the Service Well Led?- This looks at whether care homes are well-run, whether staff feel supported by management, and whether there are effective systems in place to monitor and improve the quality of care.

Why Are CQC Care Home Visits Important?

CQC care home visits are important for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it provides an objective assessment of the quality of care. Therefore, this gives residents, families and friends reassurance that the care home is providing a high standard of care. As it is done by an impartial agency, with relatively little notice, it ensures that the assessment of the care home is accurate. Therefore, this is incredibly vital in helping families select care homes.

Secondly, the CQC visit provides an opportunity for the care home to get feedback from residents, families and staff about their experiences. This feedback can be used to make improvements to the quality of care. This not only empowers residents and staff, but contributes towards enhancing the level of care provided in the UK and protects everyone involved in care homes. 

Lastly, the CQC report is important as it helps to hold care homes to account. If a care home is not providing a good standard of care, the CQC will take action to ensure that improvements are made. Therefore, this accountability is important in ensuring that all care homes provide a high standard of care.

CQC care home visits are important, but they are not designed to catch care homes out. The assessments are designed to enhance the quality of care being provided in the UK, thus protecting those living and working in care homes. As care homes deal with many vulnerable people, it is therefore vital that they are operating at the highest level and protecting all involved.

Hilgay and CQC Care Home Visits

In the latest CQC care home visit to Hilgay, we received a “Good” rating. We were very happy about this.

Is The Service Safe?

The CQC rated Hilgay as “Good” regarding the safety of our service. The report states “people were safe and protected from avoidable harm”. Therefore meaning that our practices regarding systems and processes, assessing risks, using medicines, staffing and recruitment and preventing or controlling infection were effective.

Is The Service Effective?

The CQC rated Hilgay as “Good” in terms of effectiveness. This has improved from our previous assessment so we are particularly proud of this. “This meant people’s outcomes were consistently good, and people’s feedback confirmed this”. We have made efforts to ensure our service was effective. We do this by making improvements to assessing residents’ needs and choices, and supporting people to live healthier lives.

Is the Service Caring?

The CQC rated Hilgay as “Good” regarding caring. Ths was another element that has improved from our previous assessment. The CQC stated “people were supported and treated with dignity and respect; and involved as partners in their care”. We pride ourselves on treating our residents with dignity and respect and are proud to see the CQC agree. This ensures that people are treated well and supported, involved in decision making and retain their dignity and privacy.

Is the Service Responsive?

The CQC rated Hilgay as “Good” regarding responsiveness. Once again, this has improved from our previous assessment. The CQC state that “people’s needs were met through good organisation and delivery”. We are proud to see that our hard work is paying off and are therefore deemed to be providing a responsive service to our residents and families.

Is the Service Well-Led?

The CQC rated Hilgay as “Good” regarding leadership. We have always taken pride in empowering our staff and our great carers at Hilgay. We have retained this strong ranking from our previous assessment and couldn’t be more proud. The CQC consider “Leaders and the culture they created promoted high-quality, person-centred care”. We value our carers because we believe they are our greatest asset to providing such a great service at our home.

Why Hilgay Care Home?

At Hilgay Care Home, we are dedicated to providing the best possible care to our residents. Therefore, we welcome CQC care home visits and believe that they play a crucial role in ensuring the level of care in care homes is high across the country.

To learn more about the CQC report, visit their website here. Alternatively, read the CQC report on Hilgay Care Home on our website. To learn more about our services, explore our website or contact our friendly team today!

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